Who We Are

About Us

About Us

Brink Brand consulting is a full-service branding and marketing firm that helps companies elevate their brands and drive business growth. With a comprehensive range of marketing capabilities, we create authentic brand experiences that engage audiences.

We start by building a relevant brand story that connects with your customers, and then apply it across the board.

Let us do the marketing work so that you can free up your internal team and stay focused on what you’re best at.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team includes designers, writers, strategists and developers who share a common passion for building strong brands and brand experiences.

We pursue a collaborative and customer centric approach that leverages skillsets across numerous industry types, streamlines timelines, and most importantly delivers results.

Our work balances strategic marketing and practical application.

Natalie Davis, the owner of the business, is qualified with a B.Comm Marketing degree, which she gained cum laude. She has a 14 year track record in building strong brands across numerous industry segments, from FMCG to fashion watches, to food service brands. She prides herself in her strategic ability, logical thought process and absolute dedication towards achieving business/brand objectives.

Our Vision

Through strategic review of your brand and business, our vision is to elevate your brand by making it more distinctive, relevant and memorable.

The goal? Ignite a greater passion for your brand, resulting in higher engagement in the marketplace and overall business growth.

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