What People Are Saying

Natalie, understanding my business needs, assembled a fantastic team and expertly crafted a brand strategy for my business, and project managed the rebranding process and website development. Today my corporate identity is strong and professional. Without Natalie I would be stuck.

Hilton Bartynsky

Owner, Moments Dessert & Beverage bar

Natalie developed and implemented marketing strategies for 10 international watch brands. Her efforts contributed significantly to the success of the brands in the marketplace. She has a unique blend of positive energy and respect for others and conducts herself with the utmost of professionalism.

Rowan Jacobson

CEO & Owner, CJR Gift Sales

Natalie and I worked together on a number of brand related and strategy projects. She is a real A type personality- sharp, meticulous and organised. She sets extremely high standards for herself and this is evident in all her work. She is both strategic and pragmatic.

Joanne Smollan

Owner, Walnut Office Brand Consulting

Natalie worked as a Marketing Manager for our company, representing some of the industry’s top fashion lifestyle brands. She proved herself to be an invaluable member of the team with an acute attention to detail. Overall she engineered and ran the entire marketing strategy. She would be sure to add value to anyone looking to enhance their marketing and digital strategies.

Daniel Treger

Owner & Director, The Treger Group

Natalie’s ability to gain a rapid understanding of System1A and proactivity in applying this to the brief supplied, resulted in an excellent service. Her insights, recommendations and creative input were practical and designed to make an impact. We were impressed with her strong work ethic, knowledge and the value she provided. Any company looking to boost their brand positioning, strengthen their visual identity or gain greater reach through a more aligned strategy should look to Brink Brand Consulting.

Darryl Richard

Strategic Business Development, System1A

At every organisation I have worked for, I have noticed there is always that one person who stands out from the rest. Natalie is that person. Not only is her knowledge and eye for detail impressive, but most importantly it is her passion and love for the work she does. She throws herself into each and every project with dedication and determination. Anyone would be lucky to work with her.

Anita Solomon

Marketing Manager, The Treger Group

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